You are currently viewing Exclusive Photo Shoot at 53 Wooster St, Manhattan, New York: The Charm of the Old Meets Modernity

Exclusive Photo Shoot at 53 Wooster St, Manhattan, New York: The Charm of the Old Meets Modernity


Recently, “Il Gioiello del Tombolo”, renowned for its extraordinary goldsmith art that blends the traditional technique of tombolo with modern design, had the honor of conducting an exclusive photo shoot at the prestigious location of 53 Wooster Street in Manhattan, New York. This event marks another significant chapter in the history of this fascinating activity, which has already captured attention at major international events such as the Milan Expo and in places like Dubai, Japan, and the United States of America.

The chosen location, 53 Wooster St, is a symbol of elegance and style in Manhattan. Known for its enchanting architecture and rich history, this space provided the perfect backdrop to highlight the unique jewelry made by “Il Gioiello del Tombolo”. The combination of the building’s historic charm and the craftsmanship of the jewelry created a magical atmosphere, a meeting between past and present that captures the spirit of modernity while maintaining a deep connection with tradition.

The photo shoot not only showcased the beauty of the jewelry but also the skill of Francesco Rotolo, a goldsmith artisan from Scanno, and Federica Silvani. Their collaboration is the beating heart of “Il Gioiello del Tombolo”. Francesco, with his deep experience gained working in major goldsmith companies in Vicenza and New York, brings with him a heritage of knowledge and techniques. Federica, on the other hand, with her background in philosophy and her talent in tombolo, contributes a unique and refined style, reflected in each piece created.

The photographic series captures the essence of these exclusive jewels, demonstrating how the tombolo, a traditional lace-making technique with historical origins in the 16th century, can be transformed into modern and sophisticated works of art. This technique, which found a particular expression in Scanno, is reinterpreted in a contemporary key, giving life to jewelry pieces that are true masterpieces.

Additionally, the innovative “Perforated Metal Anchoring System for Textile Works” patented by “Il Gioiello del Tombolo”, allows for the harmonious union of tombolo lace with precious metals like gold and silver, creating pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and durable.

The photo shoot at 53 Wooster St was not just a display of the talent and innovation of “Il Gioiello del Tombolo”, but also a tribute to the timeless beauty of tombolo, an art that continues to amaze and inspire. With this event, “Il Gioiello del Tombolo” not only celebrates its art and history but also projects itself into the future, demonstrating how respect for traditions can go hand in hand with innovation and modernity.

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